Affiliate program for InstaTracker™ sales promotion

    InstaTracker™ is a software solution for remote monitoring of social media accounts. Despite the fact that its features and capabilities do not need additional advertising and this product sells itself very well, we developed a hybrid affiliate program. Now you not only can refill your balance with extra bonuses and withdraw fund, but also hack Instagram for free .

    Referral contributions

    When a new user signs up at , a unique affiliate link is provided in this user's Dashboard. By posting this link on various resources, you attract new clients (referrals). When referrals refill their InstaTracker™ balances, 10% of any check amount is returned to your account. You also get bonuses at 5% of your referrals' sales.


    We have a progressive reward system. Depending on the number of sales per calendar month you get:

    • >100 per month +2%
    • >200 per month +5%
    • >300 per month +10%

    Lead generation

    Being a defined action, lead, when completed, entitles a partner to a one-time reward. In the context of InstaTracker™ advertising company, lead is the registration of a new profile in the Dashboard. After each new first registration via your affiliate link, your balance will be automatically credited with USD 1.

    • 1 lead = USD 1

    Attention! This service uses algorithms for identifying manipulations. Any attempt to drive up the numbers artificially will be tracked down and followed with blocking.

    1. Affiliate link:

      After completing the registration in your Dashboard, you will be assigned an affiliate link.
    2. Each link has its own unique token and reference number.
      One affiliate link can only be used by one client.
    3. Post this link on various Internet resources (websites, blogs, forums), share it via social media with your friends.
      YouTube, Facebook, VK, Instagram, Google +; WhatApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype.
    4. When some referral follows this link or generates a lead, our algorithm will record this event and your balance will be automatically refilled.
      Any manipulation and fraudulent driving up the numbers will lead to immediate account blocking.
    5. Track your progress within our affiliate program in the section clients.
      Use earned funds for InstaTracker™ balance refilling.
    6. Monitor the statistics we provide covering conversions, registrations, and payments made by your referrals.
      New! Real-time monitoring system available.
    7. Funds will be automatically transferred to your account when a minimum enrollment threshold is exceeded.
    8. Pay for services with the money you earned 24/7!

    Register in Dashboard, to use this option right now.