Frequently Asked Questions

    InstaTracker™ was created to provide remote access to a specified Instagram account. This service operates based on a method of sequential detection and automated exploiting a vulnerability in the cellular networks SS7 protocol . Control any page as if it was your own and view any account contents without accessing a device.

    This section helps to solve any difficulties arising when using the software. Could not find an answer to your question? Submit a message with a detailed description of your situation to client support team.

    Guarantees provided to InstaTracker™ clients:

    A request for balance refilling is send only when username and password of a target account are successfully validated and the archive of user files is successfully created and ready for download in your Dashboard. The level of satisfaction of our clients' expectations exceeds 93% totally confirming the effectiveness of methods in operation.

    Valid bonus promotions and special offers:

    Clients of InstaTracker™ are offered various promotions on a regular basis, which can be found in the pricing section. . Please note that the participants of affiliate program , can avail of the possibility of hacking Instagram totally for free.

    How does this software work?

    By exploiting SS7 vulnerability of cellular networks protocol, one can remotely intercept an incoming SMS message with a link needed for restoring or hacking any Instagram account. This algorithm is fully integrated into the interface of website and is available to any user. Read more about operation principles and functions in the technical documentation.

    What are the system requirements of InstaTracker™?

    To make sure this software operates seamlessly, you need:

    1. a stable internet connection
    2. enough free hard disk space
    3. a current version of any of the following browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.).

    What kind data will be available after activation?

    After launching Insta-Tracker™, a user archive will appear in your Dashboard, containing the logs of a target account:

    • Username and password for authorization in Instagram
    • History of user correspondence in Direct
    • Full list of subscribers and subscriptions
    • Content posted by a user
    • Content of hidden groups and communities
    • Posted and received comments
    • Ability to completely delete an account
    • Displaying a target profile settings.

    How to prepare a target device / account for launching InstaTracker™?

    This software is 100% ready for launching via the website interface at ( It is enough to specify only username or a URL of a target account in a special window and initiate the process. A target profile owner will not receive any notifications and alerts.

    How much disk space does a user archive require?

    File size depends entirely on the type and quantity of content published. E.g., an account containing 500 photos and 100 videos will take about 1.3 GB of disk space.

    How safe is it to upload an archive to a device?

    Before an archive with user files becomes available for download in your Dashboard, it undergoes a two-stage checking for malicious attachments. Thus, you can be completely sure that the files you download are 100% safe and will in no way affect the operation of your device.

    How to use InstaTracker™ unnoticeably for a target?

    There are several red flag being indicative of profile hacking for an account owner:

    • Correspondence on his or her behalf in Direct
    • Complete deletion of a target account
    • Introduction of changes into settings and profile heading
    • Sent comments, likes and reposts
    • Editing of subscribers' and subscriptions' lists
    • Content posted on behalf of a user

    Is it legal to use this software?

    Using a standard procedure for authorization data restoring is a completely legal solution available to any social media user. Interception of an SMS with a confirmation link is anonymous, since it can't be identified by both Instagram administration, and an account owner. Software operation will be completely legal right until a client confirms that he or she "hacked" a target account.

    How to ensure 100% anonymity when running InstaTracker™?

    Your anonymity is ensured by acceptance of payments via the most popular and liquid cryptocurrencies. Unlike standard payment methods, cryptocurrencies ensure anonymity to transaction participants (both a sender and a payee). Thus, it becomes impossible for third parties to identify the source of payment and its purpose.

    What should I do if an account owner changes password?

    If authorization data is changed by an account owner, you can still download an archive of user files generated previously. However, to get a new password, you must repeat the operation. In this case, you will get an extra discount.