InstaTracker™ is a set of secure and anonymous solutions

    Payment privacy

    Supported payment aggregators offer high anonymity. However, to completely eliminate the risk of identification of transaction participants (both a sender and a payee), administration strongly encourages refilling your Dashboard balance with cryptocurrency. There's a manual available to InstaTracker™ clients describing in detail reliable and simple cryptocurrency purchase and enrollment mechanisms.

    Administration never shows any interest in exact purposes this software is used for, since our clients determine the field of its application by themselves. To mitigate any potential risk, we used a number of advanced cryptographic algorithms.

    Encryption and remote data storage

    While using InstaTracker™, users generate several types of incoming and outgoing data:

    1. Registration data include an email address and a password required for registering a profile on this website and accessing the Dashboard.
    2. Identification data include a username or a URL of a target account used for setting a target and activating this software.
    3. Extractable include an archive of files obtained as a result of Instagram account restoring (username and password for logging in, Direct correspondence, posted photos, videos, Stories, comments hashtags, and geotags).

    Incoming and outgoing data undergo processing with an end-to-end encryption algorithm and are stored on a remote server unrelated to this website. A password provided during profile registration in your Dashboard serves as a cryptographic key. Save your username and password for authorization in the Dashboard and download an archive of user files immediately after a session terminates. In case of loss, their recovery in future will be impossible, since service administration does not have access to user data.

    Extra security measures:

    • Use a complex password containing special characters (@#$*^) and letters with different letter cases (uppercase and lowercase).
    • Create a new email address specifically for InstaTracker™.
    • When you finish downloading an archive with user files, remember to click the "Logout" button located in the upper right corner of your Dashboard.
    • When connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, use a VPN service to encrypt your traffic.
    • After sharing your device with someone else, you should delete cookies and clear your browser history.

    Impossibility to detect monitoring

    InstaTracker™ is a unique solution allowing Instagram account monitoring , without the need for obtaining a confirmation from a page owner. This software runs in the background, does not cause any battery overconsumption, and does not affect the stability of a target device and the social media app. It`s launched via your Dashboard, without downloading, installing and configuring additional parameters. Learn about operation principles .

    Our developers implemented a set of measures to reliably anonymize software users. If you follow all the above recommendations, client identification and identity recognition will become technically impossible.


    Did you encounter difficulties while using our software?

    In the section F.A.Q.You will find answers to the most common user questions. Do you still have questions? Contact our Client Support Service.

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